Caravan from Heaven

One thing that I find befuddling is the Left’s uncanny sense of strategy. This caravan from Honduras is beyond poor strategy but the Left doesn’t see it.

On what planet does a caravan (a.k.a a Toyota pickup truck piled to the brim with ‘dreamers’) heading to the United States with a Honduran flag seem like good optics to people? We are weeks from the midterms and Democrats have once again shown their incompetence and their exit from reality. They have shown the American people time and time again that their interests aren’t the American people but foreigners, to which they see as political currency. They act as if we forgot when Chuck Schumer shut down our government, our United States government, for illegal aliens.


The caravan has rocketed from three thousand people, to now currently ten thousand bodies, all heading to the U.S. demanding to be let in. No one is asking why all of a sudden they decided to huddle up and head over right now, but I’m sure most of us have our suspicions. No one is asking who is funded this little event, but I’m sure most of us have our suspicions. No one is even asking why they would want to come to the most homophobic,bigoted, transphobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, sexist country in the world. but alas, we have our suspicions. The absolute comical part of this stunt, is that this is a Godsend for the GOP. What better way of reinforcing the notion of having a border wall than an image of thousand upon thousands of potentially violent foreigners attempting to force their way into your country?

The time will inevitably come where the media start showing us pictures of children crying and evil ICE agents doing their job by protecting us from foreign invaders. The headlines will spin the narrative painting Trump and the evil Republicans as xenophobic monsters who hate immigrants and specifically colored ones. The question I ask to all the media pundits is this, do you leave the doors of your million dollar mansions and apartments open when you go to work? Yeah, didn’t think so, bigot.

Amazing Lucas