Bomb Scare or Bomb Tactic?

Let me be the first to say that I do not condone any acts of violence towards anyone, there I’ve covered myself.

A multitude of Democrats were sent suspicious packages that some alleged to be bombs. This is absolutely terrifying for anyone especially Republicans as they seem to be the obvious scapegoat for such an act of terror. The problem I have with everything isn’t the suspicious packages but the suspicious nature of the entire event. You want to tell me that a MAGA-wearing, Trump supporter weeks out from midterms went around and sent multiple bombs to Democrats? If that’s the pill you want me to swallow then you’re going to have to REALLY sugarcoat that bad boy, because that’s a YUGE pill to swallow.

The comical part is that the address on one of the packages was misspelled, which you can think nothing of, or you could see it as playing into the common mainstream view that Trump preys on the unintelligent and the less educated. I”m not saying that’s the case for the misspelling but it sure as hell isn’t a square peg trying to fit into a round circle, That bad boy slides right in.

I can only imagine how long the media will have this story in their chamber to fire off at Trump as a counter defense for when he or Republicans mention Maxine Waters’s call to confrontation or Bathroom Booker’s call to get in the faces of your representatives. I have to admit it’s an extremely intelligent move because if you attempt to bring up any conspiracy about the event then you’l be barred as a crazy person. This allows the media and Democrats to take hold of the narrative and mold it however they see fit. Rest assured this will be used again and again and again to rebut any and all acts of violence that Democrats have incited, or engaged in.

Amazing Lucas