The Jazmine Barnes Problem

The media was blasting this story day in and day out. The ‘black leaders’ of the community were in a uproar over such a blatant act of white supremacy. There were even a few celebrities that opined on the murder, albeit in a shameless virtue signaling type of way. But why was this girl’s death prioritized in the media over the thousands of others? That is the question.

When reading columns documenting the murder, it was almost as if I could see the smiles masked behind their shallow words of remorse. That these ‘journalists’ weren’t necessarily taking pleasure in the demise of this little girl per say but were overjoyed to hear that the alleged suspect was a white male. What a perfect example to remind people of their white privilege, the prevalence of racism in present day, the marginalization and constant attack on colored people, but more importantly to know that this was achieved by the devil himself, an evil, white, cis male.


The problem began to make itself abundantly clear when shortly after it was discovered that the alleged suspects were in fact black and gang related. The news stations that had been covering the story with such fervor turned indifferent. The ‘black leaders’ that were demanding change, became quiet and went on to the seek their next paycheck. Everyone in an instant completely became disinterested. Why you ask? Well because that’s a regular occurrence in black communities and a statistical normality. It did nothing to aid the narrative -- there was no story. But I ask, does the disclosure of the race of the individual who committed this monstrous act change Jazmine Barnes outcome? No. Does it alleviate the pain and angst of this mourning mother and the family? No.

You see the media loves to fan the flames of racism and bolster any narrative that the left is propagating that day. The ‘black leaders’ do their job of galvanizing the black community and then collect their check on the way out to their next hot lead. The problem is no one cares, and those that do are drowned out or either condemned for ‘self hate’. I would have thought that there would have been an even larger outcry from the black community and it’s so-called leaders when the spotlight was shifted once the race of the alleged perpetrator was known. Instead, everyone went about their day as normal, because what had happened was normal. If the black community which in my personal opinion is predominantly comprised of ignants, as I call them, doesn’t want to police themselves and or even acknowledge the problem without pointing fingers at other races, then it’s game over. I don’t want to hear fake outrage over when a black person is allegedly killed by a white person but be confronted with deafening silence when a black person kills another black person. White-on-white crime doesn’t affect me nor the black community, so why do people continually point to it as a scapegoat for their own behavior? It doesn’t make sense.

Now I understand there’s substantial history that explains this cultural phenomena. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole the more you learn of the brainwashing and systemic indoctrination that has conditioned the black community to where it’s at currently. Nonetheless, a change must come that puts self-accountability at the top of the totem pole.