SpideySquad or SpideyMob? #SpideySquad #SpiderManPS4

The Spidey Squad has always been a favorite of mine as they were created for the sole purpose to follow the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man game. As time went on, the squad has become increasingly mob-like in their suppression of dissenting opinions or any criticism of the game. This has taken a drastic turn to mob rule when countless followers exited the Spidey Squad due to incessant ridicule for them not taking a liking to certain aspects omitted from the game (night and day cycle, realistic physics, certain film costumes)

Given the lackluster release of it’s NG+ and upcoming DLC, “The City that Never Sleeps”, the mob is out in full force. Anyone who even mentions any slight distaste for the extended period of time that took place to give the community NG+, you are immediately ostracized and attacked. To put some perspective on the criticism, NG+ was guaranteed to fans on launch. This guarantee slowly faded away as a month passed by and is just now being released. If you combine this with the fact that it offer nothing new to the game other than an addition of a couple of trophies, you can imagine the outrage that ensued. However, the the mob took care of any dissenting opinions and forced everyone into line.

It’s an unfortunate turn to see how once a promising and upbeat community has turn into a hypersensitive cesspool of of individuals that demand “right think'“. Insomniac has been completely silent on their group of enforcers, and has implied tacit approval of their tactics. The problem is that these kids(many being under the age of 18) are being exploited by a company that has shown their true colors once they got they got what they wanted, sales. Now don’t get me wrong, Insomniac games has produced a good game, laden with bugs, yes, nothing truly innovating in the realm of superhero games, yes, but a good game nonetheless.

I personally feel that diverse opinions, whether offensive or not should be allowed to go unfettered. Unfortunately, all anyone can do at this moment is merely sit and wait in fear of backlash for having an opinion that doesn’t fit the carefully molded narrative by Insomniac’s Spidey Squad mob.

Amazing Lucas