The Heist DLC Review - Not worth the $

The Heist dlc is unfortunately nothing to write home about. The problem i have with the dlc is that it brings absolutely nothing to the table. The story is lackluster and laden with adult material that seems out of place, especially given the targeted underage community. I don’t ever recall the time where single-parenting was handled so flippantly as to be used as nothing more than a crutch to move a failing story along.


When it comes to gameplay, it falls short there as well. The gameplay entailed in The Heist is essentially a rehashing of the Black Cat missions in Spider-Man 2. You join Black Cat to take down bad guys and you chase her. That’s it. No super villain to fight, no new innovative way to incorporate such a strong supporting character, and no additional suit powers. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you? The new dlc comes with three new suits that are literally nothing but skins. The great part about the suits in the main game was that they all included suit powers. Now this is nothing new as the concept was created back with Spider-Man for the original Playstation but it was a nice touch.

Now I won’t beat a dead horse in regards to the length of the dlc (main story runs about a little over an hour) but I do have to say that many find it disappointing. If you combine the poor and predictable story, mundane gameplay and short length, I don’t see how anyone can recommend this to buy. Hopefully the next installment will show Insomniac Games dedication to the character, especially considering the the time that allegedly went into creating this content. Save your money and watch it online, trust me it’s far from amazing, spectacular, or ultimate.