Kayne Backs Down. Shocker.

Anyone who has the intellectual bandwidth of gnat could see this coming from a mile away.


Kayne went on a Twitter tirade by denouncing Blexit and claiming that he felt “used to spread messages [he] doesn’t believe in”. I can’t speak to the veracity of that statement but I can say that I feel he should have never been allowed to be at the forefront of the movement or at least allowed the media to portray it as such. “You live by the Kayne, you die by the Kayne” was a quote from Ben Shapiro that perfectly laid out my train of thought on the situation. By allowing the media to heavily tie Kayne to Blexit, it gave them what they wanted, a weak link. All they had to do now was launch incessant attacks on Kayne (which they did) that would lead to a rippling impact when he inevitably caved (which he did).

The main question that many are asking is why? My answer would be, why not? Kayne had literally nothing to gain from joining forces with Candace. I was literally counting the days till something went awry as I knew it was destined to happen. Many are speculating that it was Kim (Kayne’s wife) who wrote the tweets, or that it was the continued attacks that caused him to back out. But at the end of the day, who cares? I don’t. We’ve seen this before with Chance the Rapper when he put out a tweet saying “Black people don’t have to be Democrats” and then later backed down. The same thing repeated itself with rapper T.I. when he gently defended Kayne’s stance on the Democratic party, and then, shocker, backed down. But T.I. went all out in his defiance by filming a video with a completely nude actress portraying Melania Trump in a mockup of the White House. Classy. The next example would be Snoop Dog who thought Trump was such an evil, mean racist that he agreed to speak at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, where he was photographed grinning while shaking his hand prior to the event. Years later we’re greeted with a music video of him simulating murdering President Trump. Shocker.

Look I’m not going to be one of those that calls Kayne a ‘free-thinker’ when I agree with his views and then a ‘Democratic slave’ when I don’t. Kayne seemed to be publicly going through a political journey in finding the truth, or what’s left of it. This is the perfect time to embrace him for his decisions regardless of agreement because as Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk says, “The Left hates the idea that there are other ideas”, not the right, the left, remember that. It’s unfortunate that he leaves with a bitter taste in his mouth, but there’s nothing any of us can do at this moment other than leave him in peace. As far as Kayne donating money to a Democrat, that’s expected, just as it’s expected for a child when they act out to scream and throw a tantrum. The only difference with Kayne is that this jilted child has money behind him. Go figure. Pray and give him time.