Escapist Magazine decides to do a hit piece on me! Freaking awesome!

So I was notified today by a few fans and friends about the Escapist Magazine and their drivel hit piece they did on me and fellow Youtuber, The Quartering. Now to be honest with you, I’m EXTREMELY excited to have my very own hit piece and I’m sure many of you are wondering why. Well let me tell you. They don’t do hit pieces on Joe Bloe down the corner, they do hit pieces on people who are having an impact, who have a voice. That my friends, means we’ve made it to the next boss in this game of political warfare.

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In this poor written piece of prattle designed by deeply confused author, Riley Constantine (pictured left), who SHOCKER, is a Ma’am! Riley, a biological man now self-identifies as a ‘woman’ despite any and all logic and actual reality starring him in the face and screaming, THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS! But i digress. However I will say Riley does remind me of the character Crimson Chin on Fairly OddParents. Google it. (Imagine that in Cenk Uygur’s voice for extra laughs)

Riley thinks it’s adorable to malign someone and slander their name because of ‘wrong-think’. So let me go through this drivel point-by-point and dismiss the nonsense that is contained in this sham of an article.

  1. “I don’t have a problem if you want to have an LGBTQRS [term used derogatorily] character or if you want to make a gay superhero … whatever, but there is a stark difference between that and [the LGBTQ characters in Apex Legends].”  - No Riley, what I said was that ,“…there’s a stark difference between that and this BS that is happening right now”. Now for those who aren’t current with my content, I’m referring to the LGBTQRSTUV agenda that’s being injected into games in modern day. Everything from the pointless make-out session in The Last of Us 2 trailer to the demand for Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross of the Uncharted series to be lesbians, to the now present abomination of pandering by adding a ‘non-binary’ character to the game. ‘Non-binary’ is basically another word for, ‘doesn’t exist/imaginary/unicorn/chocolate that doesn’t make you fat’, just in case you were lost. Triggered yet?

  2. “He follows this statement up with a rant referring to the queer characters in a mockingly effeminate and dismissive voice.” - Wrong again Bucko. My ‘effeminate and dismissive voice’ which i actually take offense to because how can you say it’s effeminate? Perhaps it’s my non-binary, gender fluid voice? It’s not, but just saying. It’s actually my Cali girl/Valley girl voice that I’ve been bludgeoned with since I was knee-high to a duck growing up in Los Angeles. The voice has NOTHING to do with the characters.

  3. “Lucas goes on to disparage the NFL’s first male cheerleader “- True. But in my defense,he should be disparaged, it’s embarrassing. “…and ultimately contradicts the entire premise that he doesn’t have a problem with LGBTQ characters “ - That’s incorrect, and furthermore he doesn’t give an example of HOW i contradict my entire premise. He just makes a baseless claim and then proceeds on the yellow brick road of autism.

  4. “The reason he dislikes the queer characters in Apex Legends is because he thinks they’re pandering to people who want queer characters in Apex Legends. “ - That is correct

  5. “Obviously that doesn’t make sense, but when does homophobia ever make any sense? “- Once again, makes a claim of ‘doesn’t make sense’ but fails to explain HOW it doesn’t make sense. Also, it’s can’t be homophobia if the character I’m criticizing is non-binary, or did I mess up this alphabet soup of stupidity and nonsensical twaddle?

After looking at their dead site, it’s clear they’re trying to use my name and The Quartering for clout. Pathetic as that may seem, I’m actually quite humbled and impressed that my name can be used to boost traffic to a website and elevate the article to the most popular and commented piece on their pitiful site. LOOOOOOOOOOL #winning

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