Why Should I Care about "Surviving R Kelly" ?

I’ve received a plethora of requests regarding for me to give my thoughts on the documentary titled, “Surviving R Kelly” that details the lewd and obscene behavior of the entertainer. Instead of making a video of it on Youtube (which would be demonetized and restricted given the content) I’ve decided to write a post. The real question is, why should I care?


Now I admit, I believe his behavior is completely heinous and that anyone who preys on the young should put to death, end of story. However, who sat down and watched this film and was shocked by anything that was unveiled? …I didn’t think so. Most people have known for quite some time of R Kelly’s debauchery and yet within the black community he was still heavily supported. Call me cold-hearted but I don’t care anymore and why should I? In creating the series, they reached out to several figureheads within the hip-hop industry and entertainment including Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Dave Chappelle to name a few. All declined to appear in the documentary. I’m sorry but if you can’t come out against someone who was preying on underage girls, then we have a far greater problem. A problem that suggests and hints to a bigger picture than what is being told.

This scenario has repeated itself so many times that I’ve gone numb. Anyone remember when Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp and there were even photos that captured the horror? I do. Did people boycott his music? Did they refuse to play it on the radio as they did with the tepid “Baby It’s Cold Outside”? No. There was a minor outrage if you could even call it that and all went back to normal as if it never occurred. But God forbid Kayne West says that he likes Donald Trump, and all Hell breaks loose. West is castigated and mocked by his own people as well as the media while his sanity is brought into question. Call me crazy, but I feel like there was more outrage over Michael Vik’s animal-fighting then there was for R Kelly. So I don’t want here all the actors in Hollywood, the hosts from 106 & Park, the hip-hop rappers and alleged black leaders virtue signal about R Kelly while they knew of his corruption, and to be completely honest, probably even joined him on an occasion or two.

When it comes to R Kelly, he is the tip of the iceberg of the morally depraved and pedophilia laced cesspool that is Hollywood. R Kelly, Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey are nothing more than scapegoats brought to slaughter in order to appease the screeching masses demanding their pound of flesh.

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